Laboratoria is a social enterprise that gives young low-income women a career in tech. We do this by looking for talent where no one else is looking for. We identify young women who haven’t accessed quality education and train them to become the most awesome web developers. We take pride in the fact that over 75% of our students secure a job, allowing them to triple their income and kickstart a career in technology. By 2020, we aim to become the leading source of female tech talent, from Latin America to the world.

At the core of what we do is an immersive 5-month coding bootcamp, followed by a continuing education program. Though we have similarities with other coding academies, our talent pool, our social purpose and our commitment for a comprehensive, accountable and job-oriented education sets us apart. At Laboratoria we focus equally on building “life skills” (e.g. resilience, communication and teamwork) as we do on programming skills. That’s why we have trained psychologists working side-by-side with software engineers. Moreover, we have embraced agile principles and values into education - in what we call the Agile Classroom - in order to prepare our students for working in the ever-agile tech scene.

Position and responsibilities

We are seeking for a Bootcamp Regional Director to oversee the academic operations in all 3 countries we operate: Chile, Mexico and Peru. As Bootcamp Regional Director you will work with an awesome team of developers and psychologists to ensure we run the best bootcamp in the world. As Bootcamp Regional Director, you will be ultimately responsible for ensuring our students become the best tech professionals they can be, preparing them to successfully compete and thrive as developers in a global context. This requires being responsible for:

  • Driving innovation into our education model
    • Making decisions on new tracks and education portfolio expansion
    • Constantly updating and improving our curricula (for both tech and life skills)
    • Constantly improving how we teach
    • Cracking the code on how people learn
    • Incorporating technology into education to improve and personalize the learning experience
    • Staying close to students to collect and act on their feedback
  • Supervising that all operations run smoothly in every location

  • Building the best regional teaching team and teaching culture

  • Defining student learning milestones and monitoring student progress

  • Defining the academic calendar and supervising its execution


We are looking for someone with the following qualifications:

  • Software engineer with 3-5 years of experience with Full-stack JavaScript
  • 1-2 years of experience leading and managing teams
  • Experience working at a Coding Bootcamp or teaching coding
  • Passionate for social enterprises, women in tech and redefining education
  • Excellent organization skills and ability to collaborate and motivate others
  • Flexibility for frequent travel, as you will visit country operations periodically
  • Spanish fluency

This position is based in Lima, Peru. If you are interested please send your LinkedIn or CV and GitHub profile to: