About us

At Laboratoria we are working to give young women from underserved backgrounds in Latin America the skills they need to build a career in tech. We do this through six-month immersive programs on front-end development and user experience design, where we work with our students to build the technical, life and team skills they’ll need to succeed in the world of tech. We then place our graduates in jobs that triple their income, where they go on to build transformational careers for themselves while filling in the enormous talent and gender gap in the sector. Together, we plan to turn Latam’s tech sector into an example of diversity and inclusion.

Since our launch in Lima, Peru in 2015, we have scaled to open four more centers in Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Guadalajara and São Paulo. We have trained over 800 women, placing 80% of them in tech jobs in Latin America and abroad. We are now talent providers for over 250 leading companies, helping them find the technical talent they need while bringing the diversity that helps build better products. Over the next three years, we will continue to expand to major Latin American cities, training 5,000 women from underserved backgrounds as developers and designers and helping hundreds of companies build and grow their tech teams. Our goal is to become the leading source of female tech talent from Latin America to the world, leveraging on the region’s young, untapped talent to build a better future.

World Class Technology for World Class Impact

Cohort by cohort we have strengthened our model, making significant improvements in how we select, prepare and place students, reaching more women every year and growing our impact. Throughout this journey, technology has shifted to become part of our core. We teach it and we also build it, and having the best technology is key to serve our applicants, students and hiring companies better. Unfortunately, tech talent is pretty scarce in Latin America (and that is, for sure, an understatement). Our work today addresses the demand for junior talent, and a few years down the line, once we have rockstar graduates with +8 years of experience, we’ll help solve the demand for more senior talent too. Until then, we need to get creative. Luckily, throughout this last year we have been in touch with a growing number of companies and engineers in the US who are eager to support our work. And so we thought: why not start a program to join forces and build world class technology for world class impact? This is how our fellowship program was born.

Fellowship Program

We are looking for senior software developers to join our tech team for a period of 3-6 months. Ideally, our fellows will work out of our Headquarters in Lima, Peru, but Mexico City and Santiago de Chile are also an option. We are specifically looking for solid JavaScripters who can move freely between client and server side. We’re happy to work directly with developers on an individual basis, or work with tech companies who want to support this effort by sponsoring engineers on their teams. Speaking Spanish is a plus but not a must, as most of our team speaks English.

What you’ll do

Fellows will work directly in two core technology products: Laboratoria’s Learning Management System (LMS) and Laboratoria’s API. We write frontend mainly in React and Redux and the backend consists of Firebase to store and sync data, and Cloud Functions to run backend code without managing servers.

Aside from working within a dedicated team, you will also be part of Laboratoria’s Developers Chapter. Here you will share knowledge and mix with the rest of developers at Laboratoria - most of whom are our awesome teachers of the Bootcamp and former students that now work for Laboratoria. As part of the chapter you’ll have the opportunity to get close to our mission and impact by mentoring students, participating in the classroom and developing curricular material.

A good rule of thumb for spending your time would be: 60% hacking the LMS/API, 20% mentoring students and 20% contributing to Laboratoria’s JavaScript Curriculum.

What you’ll receive from us

You’ll be joining a team of over 80 awesome Laboratorians and +500 students. We’ll design the fellowship experience around your interests, providing you with opportunities to get involved with our students, team, and the city. We’ll cover your travel, housing expenses and provide you with a monthly stipend to cover you daily cost of living. We’ll do our best to make sure you make the most out of your time in Latam. And as you might have heard, food is pretty awesome in Lima so if you are a foodie, the risk might be that you’ll want to stay.

Who you are

You’re a developer that’s built a successful career and is looking to give back. Although you love your work and the company you are at, you want to pause for a while and spend time in a different environment. You know that being 3-6 months away from work will have no impact in your long-term finances, so you are looking forward to spending time abroad and supporting a cause that you are passionate about. You probably have thought about taking a sabbatical, but you really want to use the time to have a meaningful impact in the world. For you this means creating better education opportunities, empowering more women in tech, helping low-income youth into better jobs, or strengthening the digital abilities of people in other countries.

Somehow you are drawn to Latin America; maybe it’s because you have family ties with the region or simply because you have always had a thing for the Incas and the Mayans, the immensity of the Amazon and the greatness of Patagonia.

Sounds like you?

Email vania@laboratoria.la and let’s chat!